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astao189Posté 11/11/2019 03:24

Hecig Group is one of the largest vaporizer manufacturers in China, which integrating vaporizer, vaporizer pen,wax vaporizer, herb vaporizer,atomizer, portable enail, electronic cigarette development, production, sales and service. Hecig’s production base locates in Shenzhen, a modern international business metropolis.
As a veteran vaporizer manufacturer, Hecig has attracted and cultivated lots of talented people whether in research and development, production, quality control or customer service, sales, we can reach any customers’ expectation. We have established perfect supply, production, QC and logistics chains, therefore, we have our strong advantages in quality, delivery and price, and we are enjoying a good reputation from our customers. Once we take an opportunity from you, and you will surely obtain the satisfaction from us.
We obtained the certificates of CE, RoHS, FCC, SGS and KTL for our products. All of them reach the standards of health. As a substitute of cigarette, it can be also help you quit smoking easily. Own to original design, our vaporizer have obtained many patents, and we believe that our products will satisfy more user’s demands.
Our business staff will be 100% enthusiastic to provide comprehensive services for you. Please believe that Hecig will be the reliable partner for you forever! We warmly welcome your visit!
We shenzhen hecig is a branch company of HJM technology was founded in 2006 starting with about 100 employees, In 2010 HEC Team has grown with more than 500 employees and has proved themselves domestically and internationally as a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer to many different distributors and supply chains in different countries, Especially South Korea , Middle east , Australia and US . we have Established our representatives in South Korea and Egypt,and our 2017 mission is to have our representatives in the whole world .We help the global economy and the environment to get rid of the harmful deadly cigarettes with different types of e-cigs suit all ages starting from18years old .
Our Mission is to be the most trusted global leader in the development and provision of vapor alternatives for all type of smokers. We are driven by our responsibility to make a positive and sustainable difference with a view to facilitate tobacco and smoke free lifestyle for our customers.
As the professional manufacturers of Electronic cigarette/hardware fitting. The products and agreed to the FCC, RoHS,CE, 3C ,KTL and many other national patent certification and foreign customers.The Division has a complete production facilities and test equipment, the total production of about five million eco-friendly electronics.In the fierce competition in the market, its overall technical strength and effective quality management system and the design, production, sales, service and strict management, which has won the trust of customers at home and abroad.
We pursue excellence in all our products and services. We are sophisticated users of technology, and our machinery performs according to extremely high standards. Our after sales support and maintenance services are of the highest standards and are provided by highly trained and professional technical staff. We only represent premium brands with high reputation in performance and durability. Of course we make every effort to perform work to the satisfaction of our customers.
We have a professional and strong r&d team,your OEM and ODM orders are welcome. Our R&D, production and QC teams are ready to serve you.
wholesale Best Vape Mods And Box Mods

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