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Womens Sports Socks manufacturers
This is non-slip sports socks. As we all know, most anti-slip socks are produced with dispensing technology at the bottom of the socks in order to achieve the function of anti-slip, which not only protects your feet to a large extent, but also avoid the greater damage caused by slipping. Therefore, it is necessary to have a pair of anti-slip socks for people of all ages. Our non slip socks also have some other advantages and features different from other socks, such as elastic cuff, heel reinforcement design,
flat seam, high quality materials, etc. In particular, we use high-quality rubber bands, which have good shrinkage performance and are not very tight. This non slip socks will not be deformed and loosened after many times of wearing. Just choose it, and you won’t regret.
--cotton, polyester, rubber yarn, spandex
--Dispensing technology
-- For people of all ages
1.Why should I wear football socks in the games?
Not wearing football socks in football is very dangerous. If the player are not wear it during the game, the player's calf muscles cannot be tightened, and it is very prone to strain. The fight in the football match is very frequent. If there is no protection from the football socks, the calf will be easily smeared with the ground, maybe cause bleeding or bacterial infection. There is even a sock for adding a foot protector to prevent the opponent from stepping on. The position of the football socks at the bottom of the foot will generally be thickened. In this way, when suddenly turn to another direction or emergency stop and the speed is changed, the bottom of the foot is rubbed against the sole, blisters are less likely to occur.Womens Sports Socks manufacturers

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