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Denmark.gif astao189
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Inscrit(e) le: 11/11/2019
Posté le 11/11/2019 03:25  
low price metallic calcium
WINFRED XIAN METAL LIMITED supply materials to steel foundry, aluminum industry and casting industries,also to the cathode corrosion protecting filed for several years,main products covers metal magnesium and metal calcium series products. Understand your demand well,provide solutions,commits to innovation,offer qualified products at reasonable price,which is our mission all the time,meanwhile,along with the light weighting and green environment protecting request,more and more producers are seeking materials more light,more environmentally friendly, more energy saving,that is exactly the work we are chasing,and also it makes our work significative.
Currently We are the Sale Company of two Chinese manufactures,one calcium metal products plant and another for magnesium metal products,in charge of its oversea business,own 8 professional and experienced employees,had serviced our customer very well during the past.The goal is to supply matched products as per customer’s request at reasonable price.Always desire to chase long-terms partnerships with our plants and customers.So we have getting growing reputation and business in the international market and are known to supply qualified products suiting to International Standards.Better price, satisfied service all the time.
April 2017 means a lot to us,because we got the authorization from one Casi Plants,as broker of their products foreign trading business,because of our excellent service and reliable reputation in the market,because of the support from our customers.Win –win is always the first and the only Target during our merchant activities.
June 2017,we expand our business scope into silicon metal, and had established stable and very close relationship with several plants,that make us always can get better price and qualified goods base on time deliveries.
Now our products scope covers mg ingot ,mg alloy ingot ,mg extrusions,mg casting billet,mg sacrificial anode,mg anode rod ,calcium lump,calcium granule,calcium wire,calcium-aluminum alloy,magnesium –calcium alloy,calcium silicon alloy,silicon metal and so on.If you are sourcing above products , do not hesitate to contact us directly!
Trust us moves us try harder!
Satisfy your demand is our mission all the time !
Contact Us Now !
Office address &#65306;Block C 5th international building No.2 fengcheng Road Weiyang District xi’an city Shaanxi 710015 China
Tel :+86- 29-86475590 Fax &#65307;+86- 29-86475590
Senior sales expert: Edwin Lee
Mobile Phone: +86-17792398095
low price metallic calcium

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