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best quality Glue For Flap Disc
Flexible flap disc glue
Flexible flap disc is use of two kinds of glue, foundation glue and Consolidate the glue.
Emery wheel in industrial production, occupy an important role. Among them, it is widely used in the processing of industrial products and mainly plays the role of polishing and polishing. Large to cars, ships, aviation manufacturing, small jade polishing, shoe factory heel grinding, stainless steel products, furniture production, are widely used. Emery cloth wheel belongs to the category of industrial supplies, but also can be an essential commodity in industrial production.
Cloth round profile
Emery wheel just for a number of similar products, a simple name, including emery wheel and then include a large number of branch products, including the plane Shabushabu, cloth silk round, Chiba, flap disc, Chiba, round with handle, flower-type impeller, Polishing wheel, vertical page wheel, etc., different types of products have different uses and characteristics.
Flat emery wheel
For a variety of irregular surface and the general plane of grinding, rust, polishing. Widely used in stainless steel automotive manufacturing, heavy machinery, ships, aluminum, metal and decorative industries. On the metal surface polishing or hole polishing has excellent results.
Flap disc
Product features similar to the difference is the number of different leaves, the use of different. One of the brown steel jade, silicon carbide and other materials of the points. Different materials also have different functions.
Brown corundum for general metal, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and other weld grinding, grinding metal stamping parts burr. Metal surface paint, rust and so on.
Silicon carbide for non-ferrous metals and non-metallic polishing grinding, copper, aluminum, plastic, wood, bamboo, leather, glass, stone and other surface grinding.
Steel paper veneer sheet with steel as the base, the resin gauze fabric for the cut, with a resin adhesive disk-shaped coated abrasive. Suitable for stainless steel and non-metallic materials such as plastic, wood and other surface grinding, metal surface rust, paint removal and so on.
Flexible flap disc
The main features are low noise, durable surface finishing, cold grinding, and excellent surface finishing.
1. In the emery wheel product use environment selection, try to choose the indoor operation, the indoor environment, no messy phenomenon, in use, should also pay attention to attention, not half-hearted, so as to avoid accidents. If you use the outdoor environment, try to choose a quiet environment.
2. In the grinding process, should be kept at room temperature, sanding products can not be contaminated water, so as not to slip.
3. During sanding, sanding products should be kept parallel to the working level. Second, the user mastered the intensity, not neglect.
4. Any wheel has its own wear and tear requirements of use, wear a certain extent, you must re-replace the new wheel. Cannot be used to save the material on the ultra-wear, which is a very unsafe violation. In general, we repair or replace the wheel in the process, with a stupid way to be able to detect whether there is a rift wheel, can you use the "wheel with a wooden stick gently tapping, listening to the sound of percussion, If it is crisp sound, can be used, if issued a dull sound, the wheel has cracks and other undesirable phenomena.

best quality Glue For Flap Disc

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